Uganda Is 'Overwhelmed' By The new Influx Of Refugees From DRC

Uganda Is ‘Overwhelmed’ By The new Influx Of Refugees From DRC!!

On May 22, 2022, hundreds of civilians fled into Uganda due to a coordinated operation between the Congolese government military and the U.N. security agency MONUSCO against the M23 rebels. According to Uganda’s Minister for Refugees, new refugees are straining resources, Hillary Onek.

According To A Ugandan Official, A Fresh Surge Of Congolese Refugees Strained The Country’s Resources!

Many of the displaced came to the Bunagana border without other than clothes they carried on their backs. Refugees from around the region have already established a presence in the country.

Even those who live near the border are affected by the crisis, Onek said. Why? “Because gunfire sometimes crosses state lines. There is simply no way we can meet the requirements of so many individuals, and we’re only allowing what we can with our limited resources.”

The most recent violence occurred in North Kivu province, near Rutshuru. Fighting erupted late in March in the region after conflicts in November. A total of 17,000 Congolese refugees have entered Uganda since then, according to current estimates.

A Red Cross Representative In Uganda’s Western Kisoro District, Manishimwe Bernard, Says Most Refugees Arrive In Terrible Situations!!

Bernard added that “when conflict broke out, people began to flee without anything,” he said. Some people have no food for their children and are on the verge of starvation. As a result, stress causes emotional exhaustion in those around it. And of usual, the terror and fear remain. Because, based on their stories, the fighting hasn’t ceased.”

According to Bintou Keita, the U.N. Secretary-special General’s envoy in DRC, the M23 movement‘s assaults on U.N. forces in Rutshuru were condemned on Sunday.

During a press conference, Keita charged the rebels with purposefully assaulting peacekeepers throughout eastern Congo, where the insurgents and the Congolese government had resumed fighting.

According to Bintou, the military and peacekeepers launched a coordinated operation in reaction to the incident. As part of MONUSCO’s mandate, he claimed that the attack was legal.

On Nov. 10, 2021, after violence among M23 rebels & DRC troops, a part of the Democrat Republic of The congo asylum-seekers walked by a vehicle reading “PEACE” at the Bunagana crossing point in Uganda.

When combat broke out again between the rebels and the Congolese military in eastern Congo, Keita issued a statement accusing the insurgents of purposefully attacking troops in the region.

M23 spokesman Willy Ngoma claimed the rebel group assaulted the U.N. base in a phone interview with VOA. According to him, people caught up in the ensuing melee with the troops became disoriented and fled as MONUSCO launched its initial onslaught. In less than 12 minutes, he claimed, MONUSCO had dispatched two Viper attack helicopters to the Runyoni area, where they aimed M23 bases in the area.

As part of the Nairobi process, the M23 rebels and the Congolese army were urged to stop all hostilities immediately. Nairobi has a peace process between the DRC government and roughly 30 rebel groups scattered across the nutrient African country. Even if they respect the Kenyan process, various forces are attacking them, the M23 said.

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