Ownership and Advertising Policy

LifeStyle UG has been owned and operated by CodeAce LLC, 701 Tillery Street Unit 12, 1001 Austin, Texas, United States, since 2019. However, the company in no way tries to influence customers with the views of the editorial team or interfere with the vision and mission of the site.

LifeStyle UG is independent of editorial judgment and accepts advertising, publications sponsored by businesses, and guest posts from qualified advertisers. These guest posts might include third-party banners, contextual advertising, and so on clearly referred to as ‘Advertisement’, ‘Advertising’, or ‘From Our Advertiser’. 

In addition to sponsored posts, we also accept native advertisements which might appear on the website in the form of badges, thumbnail pictures, and so forth. They will appear next to the editorial content and will be tagged as “Provided by (our Sponsor)”, “Sponsored Post”, “By (our Sponsor)”, or “From (our Sponsor)”.

Also, our editorial content is not compromised in any way by any advertising or sponsored post arrangements. LifeStyle UG reserves the right to decline any type of advertising content that is inappropriate to the perspectives upheld by our website. The accuracy and objectivity of any advertisement are the responsibility of the advertiser, who should abide by the advertising policy of LifeStyle UG.

For more details, read LifeStyle UG’s complete ‘Code of Ethics policy.