Community Guidelines

There are some basic guidelines and rules that ensure everyone visiting our websites and social media pages has a great time. Please go through and follow these basic rules to have an understanding of what we consider to be acceptable and unacceptable. These guidelines are subject to change from time to time, so it’s asked to read them before you post anything.  

Opinions are always welcome

We encourage healthy discussions, you can express your opinions and provide supporting evidence and facts (should be credible and legit). You can express strong opinions but be reasonable and never rude.

Be authentic

Impersonating another person would not be encouraged, that is considered grounds for you to be blocked, or banned from our websites or social media pages. Always use your real personal profile while posting. If you find any personal connection to a story or topic, you may or may not disclose your identity as per the situation. 

You are being heard by the public

Always remember that our websites and social media profiles are public forums and that everyone with internet access is capable of reading them. Be wary of what you post, and make sure it’s legible so that it is not misunderstood by others. People of different ages and kinds may view your comment.

Provide citation

Quotes and paraphrased comments should be attributed to their proper sources. It’s encouraged to use reputable sources like prominent publications and scholarly journals while providing evidence.

Don’t go off on a tangent

Our websites and social media profiles are made to keep visitors engaged by providing news on all topics. Please ensure that you keep the discussions within the bounds of the topic as initiated. Be clear with topics and do not get swayed off. Posts that are off-topic, or irrelevant to the topic in hand may get hidden or deleted by us.

Provide new information to the discussion 

While in a discussion, try to put in new information, unique perspectives, or thoughtful questions. Try not to repeat what’s already been said. Be polite while pointing out factual errors and provide the necessary explanation as to why you believe the statements are wrong.

Do not post abuse

You are not to make or encourage comments that are defamatory, false, or misleading. Insulting, threatening, abusive, obscene, offensive, racist, sexist, homophobic, or discriminatory. Such comments may be deleted or hidden by us. Users posting such may be banned, blocked, or removed from our websites and social media platforms.

Use good language

Always respect others and be polite. Never use swear words or profane, crude, or sexual language. Do not post anything that disrespects others or those that break the rules stated here. Offenders may be banned, blocked, or removed from our websites and social media platforms.

Promotion or selling is banned

Posts that are intended as promotions or sales for a product or service may be hidden or deleted by us. You can visit our advertising partnerships website to know about the offers and services we offer. You can buy advertising from us.

Do not infringe copyright

It is unlawful to post copyrighted material without permission. Before uploading images, text or any other content make sure you have the right to reproduce them. Posts that contain copyrighted material may be hidden or removed from our websites and social media platforms.

Do not post inappropriate links 

You can only post links to other websites whose contents abide by the rules stated here. You are not supposed to post false or misleading information or conspiracy theories. Frequent violations of these rules may result in banning, blocking, or removing the user from our websites and social media pages.

Do not violate other’s privacy

You may post your own personal and contact information, but keep in mind that our websites and social media pages are a public forum and that anyone can access this information. Don’t post someone else’s personal details and contact information, this may result in getting blocked or banned from our websites and social media pages.

Removal of content

Posts, comments, or replies that violate these ground rules may be removed or hidden. Some comments may be removed because of their connection with another comment that is being removed. Deliberately submitting the same content that has been removed is not allowed. Frequent posting of inappropriate content may get you banned or blocked from our websites and social media profiles.