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Lifestyleug is a trusted news website that delivers all types of news, including business, health, entertainment, fashion, sports, travel & culture, politics, finance, and world news in Uganda, Africa, and other parts of the world. We began our journey in 2018.

We offer something for every news consumer by providing reliable and the latest news with complete transparency. Our dedicated team believes in producing unprejudiced news and catering to all audiences with an intention and purpose. 

Our innovative crew consists of expert journalists, writers, and editors who work 24/7 to provide the latest news by using fact-based information with no compromise in quality, precision, and integrity. Our purpose is to engage the audience with everything that is going on around the world by providing news on all topics.
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It’s a publication of Now and Then Entertainment Media in Kampala, Uganda.


To generate multimedia stories of cross-appeal public interest that are comprehensive and investigative in order to ensure our audiences are valuable in Fashion, Entertainment and Business.


By observing the principles of integrity, precision, hard work and incisive time to shaping the agenda, we will strive to attain our objectives and meet our public alike.

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