Komumtale And Phil Are Expecting Their First Child Together, Komumtale Has Announced

Komumtale And Phil Are Expecting Their First Child Together, Komumtale Has Announced

Komumtale is a fashion designer from Berlin who has revealed that she is expecting her first baby with her husband, Phil. During their studies in Berlin, the couple met and married in 2017.

Komumtale Is Expecting Her First Bump

“I am so excited to be expecting my first child and to start a family with Phil,” says Komumtale. “Our children will have the opportunity to see the city through our eyes – Berlin will always be unique to us.”

Komumtale And Phil Are Expecting Their First Child Together, Komumtale Has Announced

Komumtale, the world-renowned fashion model, and her husband Phil have announced that she is expecting their first child. Komumtale does not yet know the baby’s gender or due date, but she is excited to bring a recent addition to the family.

Los Angeles-born actress Komumtale Bridges revealed today that she was pregnant with the first baby of her partner Phil this weekend.

She is, 27, and her husband Phil, who are parents to a Chihuahua named Chupey and a cat named Chuchito, did not disclose the baby’s due date or any other details concerning the pregnancy to protect their privacy.

Furthermore, they were not available for comment on how they are coping with this new reality.”

The Princess Komuntale and Phil Anthony family is set to grow. Her Highness Princess Ruth Komuntale, who has been married to Phil Anthony since 2012, has given birth to her first child with husband Phil Anthony at the Nakasero Hospital.

And through a statement issued by her assistant, Mrs. Mary Mubiru, they confirmed that the baby girl weighed 6 pounds and 4 ounces upon delivery.

Who is Princesss Ruth Komuntale?

Princess Ruth Komuntale was born in Britain and is the daughter of the late Prince Henry Komuntale. She attended secondary school at Maberly School in Surrey, England, before gaining a degree in Law from Brunel University London.

In 2011 Princess Ruth moved to Uganda, where she met American Phil Anthony on vacation. They married in August 2017 at Nakasero State House.

Princess Ruth Komuntale and Phil Anthony are a Ugandan couple married in 1984. Comunale was born on October 31, 1968. She is among the very first Ugandan women to complete her studies at Makerere University with a degree in theology.

Her husband, Anthony, hails from the Butaleja district in northern Uganda, where he had his secondary school education at Mbale High School before attending Ndejje Technical Institute for Advanced Studies.

The Royal family celebrates another significant milestone as their first child was born at the Lenana Private Hospital on Friday, May 20, 2022. Prince Benjamin Joseph Komuntale, who will be third in line to the Buganda throne, was born to Ruth Komuntale and Phil Anthony.


Komumtale, a Kenyan woman who lives in the United States, has announced that she is expecting her first child with her husband, Phil. The news comes shortly after she posted an intimate story about her journey toward motherhood through social media.

The news overjoyed her fans at the news and praised her bravery in sharing such personal information.

Some even called for her to share more details about her pregnancy journey, while others called for PP to take legal action against Komumtale for breaching their privacy. Share your views about Komumtale’s story.


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