Code of Ethics

LifestyleUG is committed to maintaining honesty, integrity, and transparency. We have certain morals, ethics, and objectives that will lead us and our readers to a better future. We herein intend to outline the value and mission enclosed in our ethical principles, upon which our core values are based.

In fact, our Code of Ethics will be informative in acquiring better knowledge about us. 


LifeStyleUG aims to deliver accurate and enthralling information that is verified and fact-checked. We intend to come up with reliable data with zero additions from a third party, which we believe will affect our goodwill. Our generation is deeply blinded and easily influenced by whatever notifications they get. In rare instances, they do not even try to learn what is happening behind bars. So, we’re here to provide entertaining yet trustworthy content, every once in a while, and in case we cause an unintentional error, we shall ensure it is corrected and clarified instantly. 


At LifeStyleUG, we are intensely devoted to integrity and fairness, two factors that will eventually establish us as a genuine website. We strive to eliminate partial treatment for every individual/idea/institution that gets featured here. The language and tone we prefer will be fair enough as well. Our main objective is to promote an ethical mindset through content that is relevant, thorough, and entertaining. First up, we are dealing with general and interesting topics, which itself eliminates the risk of creating controversies. 


We as a team are deeply committed to building trust among our readers as well as among our employees, since we abide by decisions that will only enhance our trust. By being open about our processes and policies, we aim to let our audience know that we are aware, responsible, and conscious about what we are doing. 

We endure that transparency enables open communication, which in the long run will result in the creation of a responsible community. It also nurtures an environment of understanding and collaboration. As a result, there will be fewer barriers to innovation. So, being loyal to our readers is one such thing on which our efforts will always be focused. 

You can check our Editorial Policy for information