Editorial Policy

Lifestyle UG is a trending news magazine that adheres to the industry standards for ethics in journalism. All the content we share is crafted with honesty and accuracy, keeping in mind the prevalence of fake news in the internet circles and the need for trustworthy information.

We deliver the news without bias and stay as neutral as possible in our reporting to ensure that our readers are treated fairly and with respect. As such it is of utmost importance to us that all the staff at Lifestyle UG, including the leadership, management, newsroom staff, editorial departments, and reporting staff, share the same interest in avoiding conflicts of interest.

Everyone at Lifestyle UG is expected to consider the stake we all have in the reputation of the magazine and exercise sound professional judgment when engaging in outside activities. All the staff is expected to share an essential interest in safeguarding the integrity of Lifestyle UG.

Editorial Ethics & Integrity

At Lifestyle UG, we bring you trending news and information from across the globe. Our objective is to ensure that the information we provide is accurate, trustworthy, and unbiased.

We cover emerging news and stories on eclectic topics ranginging from lifestyle, finance, health, entertainment, sports and politics. However, the news and information we share are factual and not meant to form or influence opinions. We place the responsibility on you, the reader, to choose the information that is most relevant to you and cultivate your own opinions based on the facts provided.

We do occasionally publish reviews and featured articles written by expert consultants. However, these are meant for readers looking for expert advice and should not be confused with the opinion of Lifestyle UG as a news and information provider.

Editorial Policies For Staff

Lifestyle UG is adamant that our magazine and the staff follow the highest standards when it comes to integrity and ethics. We stand opposed to any sort of bias, inaccuracies, distortion, and even carelessness. As such our editorial policy is crafted in such a manner to ensure that these standards are followed when we source and report the news. 

Today, it is easy for a reader to fall victim to fake news or propaganda since anyone with access to the internet can pose as a news source or a reporter. Furthermore, “fake news” has become a word that is thrown around by propagandists to counter factual information.  News is also shared in more ways than ever before, making it easy to spread misinformation. As such, discerning the truth becomes even more difficult. Therefore, we believe it is our duty to uphold the values of integrity and professionalism in our work, no matter what the platform.

Lifestyle UG shall:

  • Not purposely appropriate or share false information or rumors in any of the material intended for publication in our magazine. 
  • Ensure that citations and quotations are precise and accurate.
  • Maintain appropriate distance from the subjects covered.
  • Strive to identify and verify all information sources.
  • Grant sources the anonymity when necessary or when insisted by them upon a justifiable reason
  • Not provide payments in kind or in cash to newsmakers for photographs, videos, or interviews.
  • Not provide interviewees the list of questions in advance.
  • Not misidentify or misrepresent themselves to get access to stories
  • Give due respect to privacy and safety in the pursuit of images and balance it with the newsworthiness of the story.
  • Strive to remain fair in coverage, even when portraying subjects of stories in a negative light
  • Make every effort to obtain responses from the persons in question
  • Clearly identify advertising and sponsored content, and provide disclaimers for native advertising.
  • Shall keep the newsroom separate from business activities.
  • Never wilfully plagiarize or infringe upon copyright.
  • Correct mistakes and errors when and where we learn them, with complete transparency.
  • Avoid any and all behavior and activity that could create conflict of interests or impede our ability to report news in all fairness and without bias.

Everyone at Lifestyle UG has the responsibility to ensure strict adherence to these policies. All matters that call to question any aspect of our work, shall be taken seriously.

These policies are central to Lifestyle UG’s vision and mission, and as such failure to adhere to them shall be subject to investigation and may result in disciplinary action. Based on the severity of the violation, disciplinary action may vary from reprimands to even dismissal.

Original Content Process

The content that we share is determined by an expert team of editors, reporters, and journalists, and is sourced from a variety of sources. The topics we feature include but are not limited to lifestyle, finance, health, entertainment, sports, and politics.

Our team of journalists, reporters, and editors work with expert consultants in each area to craft relevant stories that offer an original and fresh perspective not found in any other publication. Each article is reviewed by our editors and experts before they are sent for final publication.

Each story or news article to be published is first reviewed by expert consultants in the relevant area to determine appropriateness, accuracy, fairness, and transparency. The content is then reviewed by a sub-editor to scrutinize the diction, punctuation, style, and readability. The content is finally reviewed by the Chief Editor, before being approved for publication on the website.

Third-Party Content & Collaborations

Lifestyle UG may receive funding from third parties for crafting collaborative content for publication on the website. In such circumstances the third-party may work with Lifestyle UG to choose topics that are mutually agreed upon. Nonetheless, the content shall be curated as per our original content process and the third-party shall not have controlling authority over the same. Such content shall contain the attribution “supported by” during this period of funding. This attribution does not, however, in any way reflect any influence on the editorial nature of the content.

Advertising & Sponsorship Policies

Lifestyle UG accepts advertising, guest posts, and sponsored content on the website from qualified advertisers and marketers. These may include, but are not limited to badges, contextual advertising, third-party banners, and content created or provided by an Advertiser (collectively referred to as “Advertising”, “Advertisements”, or “From Our Advertiser”). 

In addition, we also accept “native advertisements” which may appear in the form of thumbnail pictures, text paragraphs, badges, or other types of content or images, and typically appear adjacent to editorial content. These advertisements will, however, be tagged as “Sponsored Post”, “By (our Sponsor)”, “Provided by (our Sponsor)”, or “From (our Sponsor)”.

The responsibility of the accuracy and objectivity of the advertising falls on the advertiser, regardless of the category or form of an advertisement or post.  All advertising and posts are not subject to this editorial policy. However, advertising is not reviewed by the staff at Lifestyle UG and as such readers are expected to view such content at their own discretion.