At LifeStyle UG, we believe in the saying, ‘ Employees who work together work better and are more able.’ And this has long been our experience with a striving and hardworking team of editors and writers. We have been able to deliver national and international news with the help of a workforce consisting of people from different backgrounds and with a wide range of talents. At LifeStyle UG, there are more than 100 established authors who are specialized in different fields like business, finance, sports and fitness, technology, lifestyle and entertainment, and so on.

We uphold our belief in the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We stick to our beliefs by nurturing a crew that comes from diverse backgrounds and who represents our diverse audience. The LifeStyle UG editors and writers have been able to present stories from different angles and perspectives because of this diversity and inclusiveness. Some of our eminent editors and writers who strive to provide honest news stories are listed below.


Jacob Evans

Jacob Evans M is the senior editor cum writer at LifeStyle UG who manages all the website content. He proofreads the articles written by the writers and makes necessary edits to make them reader-appealing and more comprehensible. He has worked as an editor and content strategist in leading newspapers.

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Raymond Antonie

Raymond Antoine

Raymond Antoine is an English broadcaster, journalist, and writer. He completed masters in journalism and has been working in this field for 45 years. After retiring as a Journalist, Antoine started working as a freelancer for different magazines. His articles had great reach among people as they were about the most relevant things happening at the time. Now, he mainly focuses on entertainment topics.

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Clifford E Watson

Clifford E Watson is a sports pundit who has been working as a writer and content quality associate in leading print and online newspapers. At LifeStyle UG, Watson focuses on delivering all news pertaining to sports and fitness. He specializes in delivering interesting and distinctive sports coverage to sports enthusiasts worldwide.

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Mark L Mojica

Mark L Mojica

A tech enthusiast turned writer with over 4 years of experience writing about diverse topics with a reader-centric approach. He has penned hundreds of articles and news stories on tech-related topics and this is a field that he finds very intriguing. He is a core member of LifeStyle UG, delivering engaging tech-related articles.

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Diana M Sanchez

A lifestyle and entertainment journalist with over 5 years of experience covering engaging and trending news in areas like fashion, travel, food, and popular culture. She has worked for some established fashion magazines and entertainment websites.

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Robert Gonye

Robert Gonye is a staff writer at LifeStyle UG focusing on automotive topics. He has previously worked for several organizations and is a pro at writing content related to the automotive industry. Gonye is one of our promising employees who with his former experience will fit across topics that are concerned about the making and selling of cars, their features, and more.

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William R Simmons

William R Simmons is a staff writer at LifeStyle UG specializing in topics related to finance and the business field. He has been a part of vibrant newsrooms and has also worked as a reporter for various reputed news channels. Simmons’ expertise cuts across topics like finance, management, and strategy.

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Albert Wolf

Albert Wolf is an American broadcast journalist. He is a post-graduate in Politics and has worked in several well-known media outlets. He writes on a wide variety of topics but focuses on editorial-based content like politics. His tone and style of writing are apt for engaging the readers with the voice of Lifestyle UG

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