This Evening, Kinshasa Hosts Its 7th Edition Of The Night Of African Football

This Evening, Kinshasa Hosts Its 7th Edition Of The Night Of African Football

After being postponed due to the Coronavirus for two years, the Night of African Football has finally returned to Kinshasa, bringing a sense of rhythm to the capital Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This Evening, Kinshasa Hosts Its 7th Edition Of The Night Of African Football

At the Martyrs Stadium, a monumental football match took place, in which the former stars of the Democratic Republic of the Congo faced off against past legends of the African continent.

This Evening, Kinshasa Hosts Its 7th Edition Of The Night Of African Football

In addition, the match was attended by tens of thousands of fans, most of them from Kinshasa. Pascal Feindouno, a former player for Guinea who competed internationally, was one among the participants and applauded the event.

“Yes, you read it correctly; we are having a party today. People say we’re getting on in years, yet we still have plenty to offer (in the legs). We can’t let anything go to waste. Aside from that, everything is going swimmingly for us.

In the end, both teams scored three goals, which resulted in a draw between them. The most acceptable goals of the night were by a Nigerian player named Nwankwo Kanu and a former Leopards striker named Mbala Mbuta Biscotti.

“I’m here to see this game. It is to our advantage since the nation finally acknowledged what legends we are now. It gives me great pleasure to participate in today’s festivities in Kinshasa, which are so colorful and joyful. There is a clear indication of the atmosphere, and it’s been a while since I last encountered such a large audience. Mbala Mbuta Biscotti, a former player for the DRC Leopards, has said that it is always a joy.

A severe security situation exists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, particularly in the East. The topic for this year was “Sports, Peace, and Development,” and it was a great success.

In addition to the former football players Jimmy Adjovi-Boco and Anthony Baffoe, as well as a former coach and an expert from the International Football Federation, attendees included the Congolese minister of sports, Serge Kkondé, sports journalists, and former football players like Anthony Baffoe and Jimmy Adjovi-Boco (FIFA).

Our nation is now dealing with a great deal of hostility, much of which is taking place in the East with our surrounding countries, making our people feel quite uneasy. Because it is impossible to grow our sport while the populace is in disarray, we must find a way to bring our people together to have a successful sporting movement.

Jimmy Adjovi-Boco, a former Racing Club de Lens (French D1) member, was one of the 150 guests who attended the event. Some of the visitors had flown in from countries outside of the continent. Jimmy Adjovi-Boco, who serves as the director of the Diambard Institute, is committed to the development of emerging new talent.

“We came up with the idea for Diambard twenty years ago. Today, it is an outstanding achievement that serves as a benchmark throughout the African continent in athletics and education. We are pleased. Our young people are really into sports. The youth of Congo, much like the rest of Africa, is very into sports, particularly soccer. And, as Adjovi-Boco pointed out, “we have soccer’s potential not just for economic growth but also for social development, with a mobilization of the young that we must not disregard.”

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