Who is Winnie Nwagi: 4 Questions Uganda is asking about Nakanwagi


Winnie Nakanwagi, (age 30 years), simply known as Winnie Nwagi, is a Ugandan singer and actress. She is signed to Swangz Avenue.

1. Who is Winnie Nwagi – Biography

Winnie Nakanwagi born July 20, 1989, (age 30 years), simply known as Winnie Nwagi, is a Ugandan singer and actress. She is signed to Swangz Avenue.

She gained prominence after becoming the second runner-up in the second season of CocaCola Rated Next in 2014 and is best known for her hit song Musawo.

In April 2016, she performed with Afrigo Band in a live performance at club Guvnor’s Friday Night Live show.

Winnie Nwagi’s music career started when she became the second runner-up in 2014 during the second season of the music competitions CocaCola Rated Next.

Later, she was signed by Swangz Avenue and released several songs including Embeera, Katono Katono, Gwenoonya, Kyowulila and many others.

In early 2016, she released her commercially successful single Musawo.

2. When was Winnie Nwagi born

Winnie Nwagi real names Winnie Nakanwagi (age 30 years) was born on July 20, 1989, in Namasuba along Entebbe road to businessman Henry Kabiito (father) and the late Sarah Namuddu (mother).

3. Is Winnie Nwagi married

Yes, according to Ugandan Buzz, Winnie Nwagi was engaged to a reggae singer and her husband Valentino Rukundoye Joshua aka, General C’zabu, whom she met at CocaCola Rated Next in 2014.

And together they were blessed with a daughter. Their marriage did not last long, which later led Nwagi to split from C’zabu.

At the moment, the mother of one has a crush on Gaetano Jjuuko Kaggwa, a Radio and TV personality. She’s in love with the way he talks and looks.

4. Inspirations and Worst moments

Nwagi talks about her worst moment and says when she was pushed off the stage at Freedom City’s Catherine Kusasira show during her upcoming days.She had just finished singing Embeera, and Katono Katono the Mcee had ordered her off stage before she could do her other songs.

When asked about musical inspirations, Nwagi says that she likes Juliana Kanyomozi, David Lutalo, Irene Namubiru and late Mowzey Radio are her favourite artists.

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