MTN Uganda Contributes Ush.30 Million To The Empango Celebrations!

MTN Uganda Contributes Ush.30 Million To The Empango Celebrations!

In one of the recent kinds of news, it has been brought forward that MTN has contributed Ushs. Thirty million towards the 28 coordination anniversary celebration of omu Kama Solomon Gufa Musa 4 of the bunyoro Kingdom

MTN Uganda Contributes Ush.30 Million To The Empango Celebrations!

MTN is technically working in collaboration with religious organizations and cultural Institutions because of the same ideological thoughts and community establishments having the same ideas and the desire to work towards the same objective of Unity so that better maintenance of peace can take place.

MTN Uganda Contributes Ush.30 Million To The Empango Celebrations!

Both of these parties are considered to enjoy a very long-standing relationship meant to uplift the Sukhi economic well-being of the people belonging to the latter Kingdom.


MTN Uganda has been able to confirm its partnership with the people of Bunyoro kingdom over the weekend. But this partnership concerned the celebration of the 28th coordination anniversary of the monarch.

It is essential to mention that a collaboration agreement was signed between them in 2019. This collaboration agreement bore out the different parties at the time when they needed each other. 

This need was technically a financial need; hence, after MTN’s contribution to the coordination ceremony, this particular agreement has also been honored. This is one of the essential compliance measures that are working towards removing every kind of difference between the two communities to develop a healthy relationship and dialogue. 


This particular amount was handed through the cheque to the people of the Kingdom. The entire exchange of the consideration took place at Karuzika Royal Palace by MTN mobile money Uganda Limited Managing Director.

After the special deal was finalized, everybody was in the position to congratulate each other on the first step that they had taken toward each other. 

Attempts To Collaborate 

This attempt of both the parties to come to celebrate a historic and auspicious day together is one of the most significant stones under the leadership of the monarch to establish peace and Oversee the transformation of the entire region.

This is one of the essential exchanges that has taken place, and such a kind of collaboration is likely to help develop a glitter exchange of Information and other types of tangents.

This is technically the first time that such a relationship is being developed between the two parties, and it is expected by the people of the teaching that soon, things would be restored to their original place.

This would be considered the best process with the help of which a better development can take place over some time.

It will improve the kind of relationship the parties have been enjoying concerning each other. At the same time, it is likely to help in better development of the content over time, which may not be possible.

This is the best attempt to develop a relationship between the two communities which have never interacted the each other because it is only with this method that a proper dialogue can get initiated.

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