Is Rema Namakula married: 4 Questions Uganda is asking about her

Is Rema Namakula married
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Four questions Uganda is asking about Rema Namakula, after her successful introduction ceremony with Hamza Sebunya

Rema (wife to Hamza Sebunya), as she is well known, began her music career as a backup artist for the Ugandan musician Bebe Cool in the Gagamel crew, but in 2013 she separated from Bebe Cool and that was the beginning of her solo music career.

She released ‘ Oli Wange ‘ that year, written by Nince Henry, which made her popular with the music industry in Uganda.

To celebrate her milestone, Ismail Ssendza of Lifestyle Uganda takes a look at some four questions Uganda is asking about Rema Namakula, immediately after her successful introduction ceremony with Sebunya.

1. Who is the mother of Rema Namakula?

Rema Namakula‘s mother is the late Hamida Nabbosa and her father, the late Mukiibi Ssemakula. She’s the last child in her family.

2. Is Rema Namakula married to Hamza Sebunya?

husband of Rema Namakula

Yes, Rema is legally married to Hamza Sebunya, a Mulago hospital gynaecologist, who took a second step and held a successful introductory ceremony called ‘ Kwanjula. ‘

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The event took place a month after her Kukyala was held at Rema’s parent’s home in Nabbingo Battaka.

3. Who is the husband of Rema Namakula?

Rema Namakula born

Dr Hamza Sebunya took a step towards the marriage of the Ugandan musician Namakula.

Sebunya became the official and legal husband of Rema Namakula on the 14th of November.

4. When was Rema Namakula born?

Rema Namakula is also known as Rema, a female recording artist from Uganda. She was born in Lubaga Hospital on 24 April 1991 (28 years of age)