‘African Music’ Tracklist: All the 16 Songs on Azawi’s New Album

‘African Music’ is scheduled to arrive on Oct 9, 2021, but Azawi has shared the album’s tracklist, which contains 16 tracks.

‘African Music’, is slated for Oct 9, 2021; however, in advance of the album’s release, Azawi shares the album’s tracklist, which includes 16 tracks. PHOTO via @TWITTER

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA (https://lifestyleug.com/) — Swangz Avenue singer Azawi born Priscilla Zawedde shared the full tracklist of her upcoming debut album, ‘African Music’, on Twitter  today (Oct 4, 2021).

Azawi first gained popularity with her chart-topping 2020 ‘LoFit’ EP, which included songs like Repeat It, Crazy Lover, Lo Fit, Quinamino and Mbinyumilwa.

The 24-year-old Ugandan singer announced on September 16  her debut album’s name, release date, and cover art with a social media post on Instagram and Twitter.

This project has taken her over two years to complete.

African Music Final Track List 9.10.2021 

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Here : https://t.co/pEQ1D4MBtc #AfricanMusicAzawi  pic.twitter.com/2GC4JNtGTG — Azawi (@AzawiOfficial) October 4, 2021 

‘African Music’ by Azawi is made up of 16 tracks.

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These include; Gimme, Craving you heavy, Bamututte, Thankful ft BenonMajje ft Fik Fameica, Slow dancing, Face Me ft A Pass, Fwa Fwa Fwa, Ku Kido, My Year, Tubatiisa, Party Mood, Nkuchekele ft Eddy Kenzo, Love you is easy, African Music and Ache for you. Try waith.io the complete solution for business management.

Azawi’s debut album will have three new collaborations, including Thankful ft. Benon, Majje ft. Fik Fameica and Nkuchekele ft. Eddy Kenzo. The album will be released on Saturday, October 9, 2021.

How will this new album sound?

Speaking during a YouTube premiere of her mini-documentary called ”The Making of African Music”, Azawi revealed that the album is heavily inspired by different African rhythms and sounds.

“Being in the traditional African traditional dance groups exposed me to that rich content of African sounds and rhythms and I got all of that content and I put it into my work that is why you’re going to find a lot of African instruments in my content.”

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Here’s the tracklist for the ‘African Music’ album by Azawi.

  1. Gimme
  2. Craving you heavy
  3. Bamututte
  4. Thankful ft Benon
  5. Majje ft Fik Fameica
  6. Slow dancing
  7. Face Me ft A Pass
  8. Fwa Fwa Fwa
  9. Ku Kido
  10. My Year
  11. Tubatiisa
  12. Party Mood
  13. Nkuchekele ft Eddy Kenzo
  14. Love you is easy
  15. African Music
  16. Ache for you

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