Fik Fameica Comments on His Appearance on Azawi’s ‘African Music’ Album

Rapper Walukagga Shafik, better known as Fik Fameica, said he is grateful to be featured alongside other stars on the new album ‘African Music’ by Azawi.

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‘Fresh Bwoy’ Fik Fameica was featured on the song ‘Majje’ with Azawi. FILE PHOTO

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( — Walukagga Shafik, professionally known as Fik Fameica, has expressed gratitude to singer Azawi for allowing him to become part of her album ‘African Music’.

  • ‘Fresh Bwoy’ Fik Fameica was featured on the song ‘Majje’ with Azawi.
  • A tweet from Fik Fameica says he is so grateful to have been part of Azawi’s amazing work.
  • Watch the making of the ‘African Music‘ album by Azawi on YouTube

Azawi’s debut album will be released on 9th October 2021, and 99.9% of it is already done.

On Twitter, the ‘Slow Dancing‘ singer said that her album ‘African Music’ is a collection of life experiences that will be translated into songs.

African Music Album is going to be a collection of my life experiences translated into the tracks 

Azawi made her first splash on the scene back in 2020 with her chart-topping ‘LoFit’ EP, which had hits like Repeat It, Crazy Lover, Lo Fit, Quinamino and Mbinyumilwa.

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The upcoming rumoured 16-track album  features big names like Benon MugumbyaEddy Kenzo, A Pass, Ayo Lizer, Michael Fingers, Steve Keys and Fik Fameica among others.

‘Fresh Bwoy’ Fik Fameica appears on track 5 titled ‘Majje’ with Azawi.

On his Twitter page, Fik Fameica stated that he feels honoured to be part of Azawi’s amazing work on the ‘African Music’ album.

African Music by @AzawiOfficial 

So greatful to be part of your amazing work!! 


The Making of African Music

As Azawi explains, working on her album, ‘African Music,’ exposed her to amazing talent like Michael Fingers, he is a very special producer with a very unique ear, and working with him opened my eyes to a lot of things.”

Then discussing Ayo Lizer, Diamond Platnumz’s producer, Azawi said he is an amazing producer.

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As for Steven Kigozi alias Steve Keys, a 32-year-old talented musician, Azawi said Kigozi is new to the world of production, but he grasped it so quickly and is doing a great job.

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