Tanner Buchanan Suffer From Insomnia
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Why Did Tanner Buchanan Suffer From Insomnia?

The fourth season of Cobrakai, including ten episodes, was released on Netflix on December 31, 2021. And the season topped Netflix’s global viewership charts within three days of its release, thanks to its unbelievable production and interpretation of each of the actors. 

Buchanan Was Busy Thinking About Karate Fights All Night

The show did not end with the uneasy alliance between Miyagi-Do and the Eagle crew. And as a consequence, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) forcefully called upon an old enemy to help him in the continuing fight. Meanwhile, the craziest character arc of the bunch- Robby Keene, is so overcome by his anger towards his dad, LaRusso, and the world, that he does the unthinkable. He teaches the secrets of Miyagi-Do to Cobra Kai. However, after the events of the All Valley Tournament, he suddenly realized his cobra senseis and his relationship with Johnny. 

Tanner Buchanan Suffer From Insomnia

Robby had a tough and twisting life journey in the season, but it may have been doubly mentally and physically exhausting for the actor, Tanna Buchanan, who played him. The work he put into the latest chapter in the “Karate Kid” saga was so intense that he was unable to get any sleep. 

On 16 August, Tanner Buchanan appeared on Anna Faris’ podcast, “Unqualified,” as a guest host. When they talked about the extended work time on sets and TV, the actor shared the challenge he faced during the production. He revealed that he was so engrossed in the show and putting together the incredible fight sequences that he was busy thinking about it all night.

His words were: “For three and a half months, I was basically only getting one to two hours of sleep.” He further told Faris that he spent a lot of time thinking about what schedule he had the next day of shooting, such as having to learn new fight scenes. “I just can not shut my mind off. That’s just the way my mind works,” the actor confessed.

Tanner Buchanan noted that he and his co-stars had a responsibility to make the fight look as natural as possible on camera and to do as much of their own fighting as possible. That is why he began to push himself to work harder and longer to give the best of himself. But at last, his goal was fulfilled, as his performance has been one of the best so far.  But for Buchanan, insomnia was the byproduct of that process. 

He said “We had about two weeks of fighting days. It’s just fighting all day, and you get your 30-minute break for lunch.” 

He further added, “We’re all very determined to do everything so we’re doing it because we want to. They were not forcing us to. They were like, ‘Do you want to take a break?’ We’re like, ‘No, just keep going. Roll the cameras, we’re fighting now, let’s go.’ Specifically, when I work, I go home and I can’t sleep.”

The production for Cobra Kai season 4 ended on April 29. And Buchanan was asleep from April 30-May 1. 

“When I get residence, I hibernate for about two days wherever I sleep for 12-14 hrs, and then I am really all set to go yet again,” he admitted. “But it is a good deal for everyone on set because that is just about how everyone works.”

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