From Sickness To Bewitchment, Kasuku Reveals Her Secrets

From Sickness To Bewitchment, Kasuku Reveals Her Secrets

Stecia Mayanja, a popular Kenyan model, has stated that she is being bewitched and that her sickness is not normal. The 25-year-old model says she has been suffering from a mental and physical illness for the past two years.

Kasuku Reveals The Secrets Of Bewitchment And Sickness

She says a US-based doctor diagnosed with an “invisible disease” her, and her case is being widely publicized to help others who may suffer in silence.

From Sickness To Bewitchment, Kasuku Reveals Her Secrets

Kasuku, the model’s alleged boyfriend who broke up with her last year, has come out to support her, saying he knows what is happening to her.

The Spills series is a collection of short, concise books written by experts in their field. They not only spill secrets but also tell you how to avoid fall-outs and be successful.

This is a must-read if you want to live peacefully, be healthy and avoid being the butt of the joke. Having lived for over a decade in rural Africa and experiencing firsthand the effects of sickness, bewitchment, and curses, Dr. Kasuku became determined to learn their secrets.

We particularly intrigued him by how innocent, well-meaning people could fall victim to such forces through no fault of their own. This book contains details of various forms of witchcraft and how they can be prevented or countered.

Ukwajali Kasuku has revealed that the illness of his colleague Stecia Mayanja is a sign that she is being bewitched. The music producer made this revelation in an interview with Radio Uganda.

According to him, Stecia had not been given a chance to perform at the Redbull Music Festival also means that she was under some evil spell. Kasuku said: “I hold on to the fact that when you don’t give someone who has contributed so much,

including herself as a musician, a chance to perform at such an event like Redbull Music Festival, something serious is going on.”

Kasuku reveals secrets about the mystery behind Stecia’s illness. He said, “She was not normal, she was being bewitched, and a team of people was doing it.” Someone added that we could summon this team and hire them to do ‘dark’ things like Stecia had been going through.

Kasuku, who once worked with Stevia Mayanja, has revealed that the singer is bewitched. He also said that we could not expect her sickness as she worsened.

Kasuku said, “Stefia was always beautiful, and this is not a normal thing that her beauty will fade away like this. Something’s fishy here. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back again because something is behind all this”.

Kasuku Spills Secrets of Sickness and Bewitchment: Capturing the Experiences of a Zambian Traditional Healer Through the Lens of a Qualitative Ethnographer is a book that discusses witchcraft and AIDS from a Zambian Cultural perspective.

This book will benefit students and scholars interested in learning about traditional African healing and Western medical practices and how Zambians have used both without discarding their cultural beliefs.


Kasuku Spills Secrets is a blog that sheds light on hidden, supernatural, and unexplained happenings in our world.

Recently, one of their popular posts was about Stecia Mayanja, a young girl from Zimbabwe who is allegedly being bewitched and suffers from various strange medical conditions.

There have been a lot of comments on this page, with some assuming that her disease isn’t usual and others believing she’s possessed.


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