Shisha Smoking Is Still A Blot On Uganda's Tobacco Control Legislation

Shisha Smoking Is Still A Blot On Uganda’s Tobacco Control Legislation!!

Recently the news is spreading like the fire that 38 shisha smokers have been arrested in the Central Police Station Kampala.

Tobacco Control In Uganda Is Still Tarnished By The Prevalence Of Shisha Smoking!

They were caught smoking in various bars and restaurants. The particular arrest occurred in continuing the anti-shisha campaign planned by the Ministry of Health.

Now the question which must be popping up in readers’ minds is what is shisha, and why is it punishable?

What Is Shisha Smoking?

Shisha smoking, also known as narghile, hookah, water pipe, or hubble bubble smoking, is a Middle Eastern and Asian tradition that has recently gained popularity in the United Kingdom, particularly among young people. It is a method of smoking tobacco via a bowl connected with a hose or tube, and the tube features a mouthpiece through which the smoker inhales the smoke.

What Does Shisha Contain?

Shisha is mainly formulated from tobacco, although it may also contain berries or sugar. The most prevalent varieties are sugary, apple, raspberry, minty, and cherry. 

Risks Associated With This Form Of Smoking

Shisha primarily contains tobacco similar to that found in cigarettes, suggesting that shisha smokers confront the same health risks as cigarette smokers, including cancer and heart disease. The person can also become hooked on smoking shisha since it contains nicotine (the addictive chemical in cigarettes). According to a World Health Organization research, smoking shisha for one hour is equivalent to smoking 100 or more cigarettes.

Law On Shisha Smoking

On July 28, 2015, the Ugandan Parliament passed a measure that aligns Uganda with the world’s strictest tobacco control policies. Uganda became a regional pioneer in tobacco control thanks to this revolutionary legislation, which imposed some of the most draconian restrictions on producing, purchasing, and using electronic cigarettes.

  • Public spaces must be completely smoke-free, and smoking would be prohibited within 50 meters of public locations.
  • Tobacco marketing, branding, and endorsement (TAPS) must be prohibited.
  • Cigarettes must not be sold in public areas such as hospitals, cinemas, police stations, prisons, or within 50 meters of educational institutions or child-care facilities.
  •  Tobacco products will not be sold to anybody under the age of 21.
  • Shisha (water pipes), e-cigarettes, and chewable tobacco products too should be prohibited. 

The law also established the National Cigarette Control Committee, which will be chaired by the Prime Minister and specifies an extensive enforcement plan that allows law enforcement personnel to seize, confiscate, and destroy tobacco goods as needed to enforce the new legislation. This legislation also concerns the control of shisha smoking, and by which it can be asserted that shisha smoking is banned.

Punishment For Shisha Smoking

The law penalizes people who smoke shisha on the streets with a minimum jail term of six months or Sh 15,000 in fines or both.


This particular law or active participation of the Ministry of Health, Uganda Police force, and Kampala City council have been done to stop the culture of shisha smoking which is destroying the health of the youngsters badly. The law has also been enacted following the same, but people continue with this particular evil.

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