All the Nominees at the 2021 South Sudan Music Awards


Nominees for this year’s South Sudan Music Awards (SSMAs) were announced on Thursday, March 18, 2021.

The South Sudan Music Awards are presented annually since 2019 with the aim of celebrating South Sudanese singers, dancers, DJs, producers and comedians from both home and abroad.

  • And as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will take place virtually.
  • The complete list of nominees is below.
  • The voting process is taking place on the SSMA website .
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Moses Yasin, SSMA brand ambassador, said: “I want to ensure our transparency in every aspect of the process, and I urge members of the public to use their votes with full confidence. This will be virtually held due to the COVID-19 pandemic,”

The SSMA seeks to foster the development of the South Sudan music industry by recognizing and rewarding musicians who excel in the South Sudanese music genres: Reggae, Hip Hop, Afro Pop, R&B, Dance-hall and Traditional.

Those awards are organized as part of group efforts to make the cultural heritage and natural resources in South Sudan more visible and preserved.

The ‘South Sudan Music Awards’ was developed after realizing that one of the major challenges facing the country’s music industry was to promote and elevate the music industry to regional and international levels.

Here is the complete list of South Sudan Music Awards nominees.

Best African Act of the Year

  • Honey Franko
  • Joy Mbaraza
  • Beati Toni
  • Baby Boy
  • Ak Jay

Most Styled Artist of the Year

  • Genesis Angel
  • Trey David
  • Silva Xtra
  • Chamdena
  • Mr Lengs

Hit Song of the Year

  • ‘Facebook’ – Navi Lx
  • ‘South Sudan Diva’ – Lul Simon
  • ‘Salam Ja’ – John Bagara
  • ‘Salam Ja’ – Chris Mun

DJ of the Year

  • Selector T
  • DJ Sango
  • DJ Yankee
  • DJ Simple Max
  • DJ Muzrim

International Act of the Year

  • Amac Don
  • Ejay Shotdown Boy
  • Yaba Angelosi
  • Dynamq
  • Emmanuel Jal

Song of the Year

  • ‘Rabuna bi Ainu’ – Wrong T
  • ‘Never Give Up’ – WJ the King
  • ‘Gurus ta Belede’ – Silver Xtra
  • ‘Aragan’ – Dynamq
  • ‘Beled Taki’ – Viper Kaka

Gospel Song of the Year

  • ‘Receive Fire’ – Alter Servant
  • ‘Ana bi Arfa’ – Lady Amina
  • ‘He Cares’ – Denaya Denis
  • ‘Promise Keeper’ – Naami Joan
  • ‘Jere le Rabuna’ – Jungle Preacher

Gospel Artist of the Year

  • Jungle Preacher
  • Lady Amina
  • Samuel Maboto Motivated
  • Star Eagles
  • Dominic Living Wawa

Music Album/EP of the Year

  • Yanas Revealed – Yanas
  • The Tales of the Travelling Poet – Ade
  • Angba Namo – Mbaraza
  • Control – Beati Toni
  • Binia Juba – Isaka Number one

Reggae Artist of the Year

  • Isaka Number one
  • Tvavy de Tablet
  • Case Blanco
  • Saab J Strategy
  • Crazy Fox

Dancehall Artist of the Year

  • Hizu
  • Kilomijok
  • Chamdena
  • Macco Bwoy
  • AK Swaggah
  • Rocky Jay

Hip Hop Artist of the Year

  • J Yang
  • Lushy K
  • Young Boy
  • Lil Been
  • 6ix Foot
  • Black Queen

Comedian of the Year

  • Daniel 400KG
  • Wokil Jescommando
  • AK Dans
  • Ziko
  • Feel Free
  • VIP

Breakthrough Artist of the Year

  • King Shabbi
  • Wanda Star
  • Rap Jay
  • Rammy Millz
  • Black Queen
  • Jazz Band

Collabo of the Year

  • ‘Taran Lord G’ – ft. J Yang
  • ‘Never Replace You’ – Domi Dunia ft. Chris Mun
  • ‘Massage Ugly Facile’ – Tonic Y4 and Hani Breva
  • ‘Ado Wanna Loose’ – You by Senior Muoch ft. Fille
  • ‘Ayayaa Maboto – Motivated ft. Levixone
  • ‘My Daily Crush’ – Black Queen ft. Navy Boy

Producer of the Year

  • Producer Bobi
  • Linus the Genius
  • Producer Lolly
  • Slaughter the Panga
  • Ronny Riddimz
  • Producer Shako

Afrobeats Artist of the Year

  • 50 De Born Talented
  • Yung Blad
  • Fanan Ngala
  • DJ Scent
  • Chris Mun
  • AK Jay

Male Vocalist of the Year

  • Domi Dunia
  • Lul Simon
  • YMO
  • Single Dee
  • Chris Mun

Female Vocalist of the Year

  • Khelper Kandice
  • Yanas
  • Naomi Joan
  • Hani Breva
  • Minaa Hockelyy
  • Tvavy de Tablet

Video Director of the Year

  • Director Kpesa
  • Director Obeezy
  • Dir Aleon Ali
  • Bebe Pix
  • Director Ebo

Music Group/Duo of the Year

  • Producer Bobi
  • Mbogi Genje
  • Panda Nation
  • The Sparta
  • Hardlife Avenue Stars

New Artist of the Year

  • Bro Winner
  • Helyaana Gagga
  • Minaa Hockelyy
  • Jazz Band
  • Twise Busy
  • Viking Sizza

Stage Performer of the Year

  • Rebecca Trey
  • Yanas
  • YMO
  • Crazy Fix
  • Rocky Jay
  • Lady Kala

Fans Favorite Artist of the Year

  • Cocosan
  • Yanas
  • Lul Simon
  • Hardlife Avenue Stars
  • Single Dee
  • YMO

RnB Artist of the Year

  • Tvavy de Tablet
  • Single Dee
  • YMO
  • Johny Bee
  • Domi Dunia
  • Lul Simon

Music Promoter of the Year

  • King Mary
  • Promoter Willy
  • Promoter K2
  • Promoter HBK
  • Promoter Mbakstar

Female Artist of the Year

  • Yanas
  • Lady Kola
  • Juna De Star
  • Queen Zee

Male Artist of the Year

  • Wrong T
  • WJ De King
  • Crazy Fox
  • Silver Xtra
  • Hardlife Avenue Stars

Video of the Year (Foreign Directed)

  • ‘Boom Back’ – Lady Kola
  • ‘Bem Bem’ – Kawaja Revolution
  • ‘Binia’ v Silver Xtra
  • ‘Yic Thiek Du’ – Alijoma
  • ‘Nice Body’ – Chamdena

Video of the Year (Locally Directed)

  • ‘Jambala’ – BBG Fraternity
  • ‘Lockdown’ – Neetah Baibe
  • ‘Boy Lover’ – Juna De Star
  • ‘Kpete Viper’ – Kaka
  • ‘Midu’ – Tony Y4 and Ugly Facile ft. Meenimen
  • ‘Arusu’ – Hardlife Avenue Stars

Artists Manager of the Year

  • El Kimz
  • MC Okwandit
  • Manager Dinato
  • Alek Agom
  • Shamsh Musa
  • King Mary

Dance Group of the Year

  • SSD Dancers
  • White Moon Dancers
  • Boom Dancers
  • South Friends Dancers
  • Heaven Stars Dancers
  • New South Dancers

Afro Dancehall Artist of the Year

  • Chris Moon
  • One Pound
  • Viper Koko
  • MT7 Degree
  • Nicky J

Overall Artist of the Year

  • Hardlife Avenue Stars
  • Crazy Fox
  • Tutu Baibe
  • DJ Scent
  • WJ the King
  • Yanas

Lyricist of the Year

  • Young Boy
  • Lushy K
  • 6ix Foot

The voting is currently underway via the official site of the SSMA .

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