My Hero Academia Vigilantes Manga Ending Soon, Is It Confirmed
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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Manga Ending Soon! Is It Confirmed? 

Is my hero academia vigilantes manga really ending? What is going to happen to Koichi and the pro heroes? Who is going to end by the last chapter or the arc? If you are in love with manga and a fan of my hero academia vigilantes manga, you must have thousands of questions popping up in your head.

Is It True That The Manga Is About To End Or Is It Just Another Rumor?

Ever since the writer of the manga dropped a hint about the ending of everyone’s current favorite manga, fans have gone heartbroken over the possibilities and have tons of queries about it. It is nearly impossible to answer each question from fans about their favorite manga’s ending, so here is a gist of the most common queries and the answers fans are seeking.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Manga Ending Soon, Is It Confirmed

Betten Court, the writer of Vigilantes tweeted about the realization of their weekly shonen, to which the illustrator adds that he went through the final which is a climax. Soon after the tweet, the unofficial page of shonen jump page confirms that it was the climax part. It didn’t take a moment for fans to catch the words.

Fans took the tweets as a hint for the end of the manga although the officials haven’t announced any statements on this topic. Some fans are suspecting that the announcement might drop with the release of the next issue of shonen.

Was this ending pre-planned?

Back in April 2021, when my hero academia vigilantes manga entered its 66th chapter it was mentioned that the manga has entered its final arc. However, ever since there was no trace of an ending which is probably due to the popularity of the manga. It has had created a huge fan base which eventually made the writer take the story flow. There are two possibilities about this entire event, it could be that makers initially didn’t plan to stretch the series so long but had to because of its enormous popularity and now it’s coming to an end or it could be a rumor or bluff.

What could be the final scene of the manga if it ends?

Although there is no official comment on bidding farewell to one of the most trending mangas, looking into the theme and previous plot update, Koichi defeated the number 6 with a little help from pro heroes. While the pro heroes work on evacuating civilians from the city, Koichi is fighting against the villain alone. Despite the endeavor’s grand entry, this was Koichi’s fight and it can be concluded that the story might end with number 6’s end.

When will the final arc release?

There are no specific dates for the release. However, as most confirmation updates come two-three weeks before the conclusion, fans are suspecting that there might be 2-3 chapters left before the end. However, there is no official confirmation on this topic, it is just another leak and it will be better to wait till the makers confirm the news to bid my hero academia vigilantes manga goodbye.

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