‘Fabiola Beauty’ Is the Makeup Line Anita Fabiola Has Launched in Uganda

‘Fabiola Beauty’ is the makeup line launched by Ugandan TV personality and socialite Anita Kyarimpa aka Fabiola on Saturday 2, October 2021.

KAMPALA | LIFESTYLE UGANDA ( — Ugandan actress, model, and former tourism ambassador, Anita Kyarimpa, recently announced her first luxury line of makeup, ‘Fabiola Beauty’, on Saturday 2, October 2021.

  • Anita Fabiola launches beauty brand ‘Fabiola Beauty’, aiming to make women look their best.
  • The brand was founded on a philosophy of confidence, boldness, and intimacy.
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The event was hosted by Deedan Muyira alias Miss Deedan at Mestil Hotel in Nsambya and supported by JP Chenet Uganda and Joram Model Management , among others.

Through her activism and feminine empowerment across social media and the globe, Fabiola is a strong symbol of hope in her community, as well as a successful businesswoman.

As part of her effort to promote Women’s Empowerment, business entrepreneurship, as well as empowering the Girl Child, Anita Fabiola launched the ‘Fabiola Beauty’ line.

Fabiola Beauty’ will be based in Uganda, but have global appeal and impact; just like her experiences and achievements in her own life and career.

Fabiola said at the launch that she was inspired by the diversity of skin shades and the artful elements of Africa. She plans to collaborate with a number of beauty influencers.

At the launch, Fabiola said: “I was inspired by the beauty and artistry of Africa’s global diverse complexions and skin tones. I see myself working with a lot of renowned beauty influencers to create my collection.”.

“I was influenced by the beauty and art of Africa’s unique skin tones and complexion, and plan to collaborate with numerous renowned beauty influencers,” Fabiola said at the launch. In her words: “Fabiola Beauty was created with love for the woman that shows up everyday as her best self, one who challenges stereotypical expectations of female beauty.”

“Fabiola Beauty was created with love for the woman who shows up every day as the best version of herself, one who goes against society stereotypes.”

What is the brand about?

Anita Fabiola founded ‘Fabiola Beauty’, a high-end makeup brand aimed at the glamorous, fabulous, and confident everyday woman with a love for luxury at an affordable price.

The name Fabiola Beauty’ calls to mind the go-getter, sexy women who are fierce, fearless, confident, proud, and aspire to conquer the world while presenting a flawless and rich façade in every step of their journey.

It was founded on the principles of confidence, boldness, and intimacy for everyone.

The brand will redefine empowerment and relaxation in the beauty industry through unsurpassed transparency, the purest ingredients, and verified potency.SEE ALSO  Anita Fabiola 10 Best Fashion moments before NBS Katchup

As a new leader in grooming and beauty, Fabiola Beauty offers the best products available and is dedicated to offering consumers the tools they need to be their true, authentic selves as well as encouraging and celebrating diverse and inclusive communities.


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