Weird: Al Yankovic Story Trailer Is A Perfect Parody Of Music Biopics

Weird: Al Yankovic Story Trailer Is A Perfect Parody Of Music Biopics

Al Yankovic makes a big impression in the new trailer for the parody artist’s biopic. Weird: The Story of Al Yankovic will star Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al himself and tell the not-so-true story of Al’s famous life. The film is slated to release on The Roku Channel’s streaming service on November 4.

ForeignThe trailer goes through some of the quintessential touchstones you’d expect in a musician biopic and puts them through an appropriately silly Weird Al filter. There are scenes from Al’s childhood where his parents worry about his Polka obsession, a scene where he amazes his friends with an impromptu rendition of “My Bologna”, and his descent into struggle and doom thanks to… Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood ). There’s even the presence of a suspicious older promoter (Dr. Demento, played by Rainn Wilson) who wants to use Al to help him make it big. It’s all played to the ridiculous level you’d expect from a movie about a man who made his name by writing parody songs.

The film also stars Quinta Brunson (Abbott Elementary) as Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Lennon (Run 911!), Toby Huss (Stop and catch fire), Julianna Nicholson (me, Tonya), and Spencer Treat Clark (Agents of SHIELD). Foreign is directed by Eric Appel (Silicon Valley) and written by Appel and Al Yankovic themselves.

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