YouTube Premium Family Plan Now Costs $22.99 A Month

The family plan for YouTube Premium has been increased in price by $22.99 per month. This new rate may be on effect from the next month.

users of the family plan, which lets up to six accounts use the same subscription, were sent an email telling them that the price of the service would be going up.

If someone wants to sign up through the Apple App Store, the monthly cost goes up to $29.99.  The price of Premium for a single account hasn't changed.

The company was quoted as saying, "This change will happen on your next billing cycle starting on or after November 21, 2022."

YouTube doesn't say why prices are going up, but it's clear that this is a big change. The cost of Premium has stayed the same since 2018, according to the report.

The new prices go into effect for current members on their next billing cycle, but they are in effect right now for anyone who signs up for the service.

The company just stopped a test that required a Premium subscription to watch videos in 4K resolution.

In the experiment, the streaming platform owned by Google asked some users to pay for a Premium account so they could watch videos in 4K.

The company made the decision to abandon the test after receiving a great deal of negative feedback from its clients.