Wordle Today October 6

Wordle is a web-based game that is extremely simple to use. It has recently gained popularity and has become a routine for millions of individuals all around the world.

Wordle game is designed and developed by Welsh software programmer Josh Wardle, and owned and published by The New York Times Company since 2022.

Wordle was created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner, but it immediately went viral and became a worldwide hit.

The goal is to predict the five-letter English word correctly in six tries or less. There are no initial suggestions, but once you guess, the tiles change colour to reveal the letters of the word.

In this game, the three various colors that may appear on the tiles if they alter are grey, yellow, and green.

The square will turn green if you place a letter in the correct position and create a word with those letters.

Hint 1: Today's word begins with the letter S. Hint 2: The word has a single vowel in it.

Hints for the Wordle 474

Hint 3: The word ends with H. Hint 4: The vowel is O. Hint 5: The animal is known for its laziness.

SLOTH is the word for today. A sloth is defined as a "slow-moving tropical American mammal.

Answer for Wordle 474 for October 6, 2022