Wordle Today October 5

Today's Wordle solution is in the top 4% of the most searched-for words, and the letter combination isn't very distinctive.

If you're struggling with today's Wordle puzzle, we have hints to help you solve it faster.

The word for today's Wordle challenge is well-known but rarely used. 

The puzzle shouldn't be hard to solve, but having only one vowel may make things difficult

The word of the day has only one vowel, "A," and no repeated letters. The first letter is the "M,"

It means "swamp" or "everglade." The last letter is "H" and it's an attributive noun synonymous with "bog" (like yesterday's answer).

Congratulations if you've figured it out by now! Don't worry if you're still unsure. Check out the solution in the next slide

Today's (October 5, 2022) Wordle puzzle answer is marsh. A marsh is soft, moist ground that floods easily in wet seasons, according to the OED.

The word marsh derives from the Middle English word "mersh," which is derived from the Old English words "mersc" or "merisc," which signify marsh or swamp.