Wordle Answer 3rd October

Today, Wordle is back with a new challenge for its fans to think about. If anyone is having a little trouble with today's word, they are not the only ones. 

Wordle is a very popular word game that has gone viral because players post the results all over social media and the simplicity of the  game.

Engineer Josh Wardle made Wordle as a gift for his partner, but it quickly went viral and became a worldwide phenomenon.

The goal of game is to predict the five-letter word in six tries or fewer. No initial hints are offered, but after a guess, the tiles change color to reveal the word's letters.

Gray, yellow, or green are the three distinct colors that may appear on the tiles if they were to change.

Wordle may be accessed through the newspaper company's website or the Crossword app.  Players do not need to login or create an account to play this time.

Hint 1: Contains the letter G Hint 2: It starts with the letter S

Hints for the Wordle 471

Hint 3: There is only one vowel in the word today Hint 4: A tiny, sharp-pointed organ on the abdomen of bees, wasps, ants, and scorpions that injects poison.

It's time to reveal the answer to today's Wordle. The word is... STING

Answer for Wordle 471 for October 3, 2022