Wordle Answer 29th September

If you're having trouble with today's Wordle problem, you're not alone. According to WordleBot, it took players an average of four guesses to solve the puzzle.

Here are some ideas and tips for today's Wordle puzzle to help you turn your tiles green in as few attempts as possible.

Today's Wordle is another challenging one. Not an uncommon word, but it's more common in written text than in speech.

The puzzle may also be tough to solve because it has only one vowel. The letter combination is, however, easy to guess because the spelling is widespread.

It's also highly unlikely that you'll run into the issue of having too many choices to choose from.

The term you're looking for refers to an injury caused by wet heat, typically hot liquid or steam.

 For example, if you sip from a hot cup of coffee, you'd [solution word] your tongue and momentarily disable some of your taste buds.

There is only one vowel in the word, the letter "A" at the third place, and no repeating characters.

Were you able to make use of the hints? If not, continue reading to find out the correct answer.

Today's Wordle puzzle answer is scald. The term, verb, or adjective meaning to burn with hot liquid or steam.