Wordle 475 Answer For October 7

Today's Wordle challenge is hard. We don't use this word in everyday speech. Some people might not know the word of the day, which could make the puzzle hard to solve.

If you are struggling with today's answer, here are the hints and clues to solve the puzzle more easily.

Puzzle 475 features a unique, outdated phrase that parents still use to mock their kids' dress choices.

It's a single-vowel word, which makes things much more difficult. The letter combination, on the other hand, is simple.

There is a single vowel in the term, and there is one letter that is repeated.

Hints for the Wordle 475

It can function as an adjective in addition to being a noun.The vowel is 'A' and   the last letter is 'Y' 

The Wordle answer today is DANDY Dandies were stylish Georgian and Victorian gentlemen who looked nice, were well-mannered, and appreciated the finer things in life.

"Dandy" can also mean "very good," but this is usually said as a joke when something is not good or you are not happy with it.

The term initially appeared in a late 1700s Scots song. Dandy was a common shortening of Andrew at the time, which might indicate it was used like "Barbie and Ken" now.