Will Musk-Twitter Deal Bring Back Trump?

Elon Musk's renewed interest in buying Twitter makes it possible that the most famous user who was banned could be let back.

Former President Trump has said that he will stay with Truth Social, a new social media platform that he helped start, even if he is allowed back on Twitter.

But experts and Trump supporters think that the huge number of Twitter users would be too tempting to pass up.

This would put Trump's future on Twitter in the spotlight as the Elon Musk deal shows new signs of life.

Trump has been banned from Twitter since Jan 2021 because of his tweets about the violence at the Capitol. This came after he spent months spreading falsehoods about the 2020 election.

Musk said Tuesday that he will buy Twitter on the same terms agreed to in April after snags in negotiations.

President Trump has spent much of the last year posting on Truth Social, where he has millions of followers.

Even though Trump has almost 4 million followers on Truth Social, that's a small number compared to the almost 90 million he had on Twitter.

Allies of Trump think a return to Twitter would be good, but they pointed to his past comments as a sign he wouldn't go back on his own terms.