Why Is Student Loan Forgiveness On Hold?

President Joe Biden didn't think that one of his most important projects would be put on hold indefinitely.

Everyone with student loans was probably glad to obtain support from this programme, which was intended to start long ago.

Back in August, the president said that he would forgive student loans of up to $20,000 for millions of people.

The Republicans are to blame for the delay of this programme.

Who is to blame for stopping the loan forgiveness programme?

They have made a lot of arguments against the policy, which puts it in danger even though the application for the programme is now open.

Since mid-October, 22 million Americans have registered for loan forgiveness. The biggest setback came last Friday, after President Biden spoke to students about the programme.

As soon as that ceremony was over, an appeals court in the United States stopped the programme from going forward for now.

Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Carolina sued the Biden Administration in September to suspend debt forgiveness.

But none of these states gave up on what they were trying to do. Instead, they filed an appeal and asked the court to stop the plan.

8th Circuit granted emergency petition. Biden administration can't yet forgive student debt.  No student loan debt will be forgiven while this case is pending.