Why Is ‘Quiet Quitting’ Surging in U.S. Financial Services?

According to a new study, the viral silent quitting trend is taking hold in finance, which was formerly the industry with the most engaged people.

Since last year, the proportion of employees who stated they are "very likely" or "very likely" to do their hardest to do a good job for their firm has decreased.

The financial and insurance sector experienced one of the greatest declines, with 8% fewer personnel prepared to give their all on the job.

This is a significant shift from 2021, when the financial and insurance industries had the highest percentage of engaged personnel (94%).

In 2022, education services was the only industry with a net gain in hard-working employees. It now has 91% of extremely committed personnel, up 1%.

Ben Granger, Qualtrics' principal workplace psychologist, said the data likely reflects pandemic, inflation, and geopolitical problems.

However, quiet quitting is not yet widespread. Only roughly 10% to 20% of employees in each of the 15 industries polled claimed they weren't giving it their all.

This is far lower than Gallup's latest employee engagement study, which revealed that a whopping 50% of the US workforce may be termed quiet quitters.

Different definitions imply different measurement methods, and some argue that quiet quitting isn't a phenomena.