Virginia $500 Tax Rebate Deadline Today: Who’s Eligible?

While many people suffer with rising energy prices and inflation, Americans struggle to make their money last an entire month.

Millions of households are now eligible for a tax rebate of up to $500,

However, the last day to submit an application is today, October 31st.

Virginia citizens with tax liability in 2021 who file their tax return by November 1, 2022 are eligible for a $500 rebate on their payments.

More than 3 million taxpayers are eligible for this incentive, which is worth $250 for single filers and $500 for couple filers.

Those who completed their tax returns prior to July 1 are allegedly seeing their payouts come in their bank accounts as of October 17 and should get them before November 1.

When will the tax rebate arrive?

The Virginia Tax Office welcomes everyone to visit their website and read their step-by-step guide 

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