Virginia $500 Rebate Checks: 7 Days Left To Claim

On September 19, Virginia residents' tax refunds were sent out for the first time. The direct payments are $250 for one person and $500 for couples.

Virginians must file their taxes for 2021 by November 1 to get a rebate. Also, you had to owe money to the government during that year.

It means that if you owed state income taxes in 2021, you might get some of that money back, as long as you didn't get any tax credits.

Taxes paid to another state, deductions, or subtractions are all types of credits. About 3.2 million taxpayers in the state are eligible for a rebate.

The timing of your tax return submission will play a role in determining how quickly you receive your refund.

Governor Glenn Youngkin says that eligible people in Virginia can expect to get their money in late October if they file by July 1.

Those who wait until beyond that date but submit their taxes before November 1 might anticipate receiving their refund during the following four months.

In the meantime, tax refunds are being sent out by a number of other states. This includes Illinois, which is giving out up to $300 in payments.

Tax refunds worth up to $1,050 are being sent to 23 million Americans by the state of California. The first batch went out on Oct 7 and will last until Oct 25.