Virginia $500 Checks Nov 1st Deadline: Who’s Eligible?

There are only a few days left for millions of people in the United States to get a direct payout of $500.

Virginia just said that eligible taxpayers can use an online tool to find out if they'll get the money, but there's a deadline coming up soon.

The Virginia Department of Taxation has made a lookup tool that you can use to see if you qualify. It went live on September 19.

Residents of Virginia can use the tool to figure out not only if they are eligible for the payment but also how much of it they will get.

Residents just need to put in their zip code, social security number, or taxpayer identification number and say if they have an international address.

In the beginning of this year, the Virginia General Assembly passed a law that lets taxpayers who owe money get a one-time direct payment.

People in Virginia who owed tax last year will be able to get the money. Tax liability is what you owe after credits, deductions, and subtractions.

Who is eligible?

A person who filed as a single person will get up to $250 back. The rebate is worth up to $500 if you filed jointly.

To claim the rebate, file by November 1. How you collect your rebate depends on how you got your tax refund.