Virginia $175 Rebates Under $18 Million Plan: Who’s Eligible?

Under an $18 million plan, hundreds of thousands of Americans will receive property tax rebates next year.

The mayor of Richmond, Virginia, Levar Stoney, and the six council members have agreed to send rebates,

This would result in a five-cent reduction in the property owner's tax bill per $100 of assessed property.

The mayor's five-back initiative would reduce property taxes to $1.15 for every $100 of property, down from $1.20 now

 Mayor Levar Stoney said, “So a home assessed at $350,00 and a real estate tax bill of $4,200 would receive a one-time rebate of $175,”

The rebates will cost the city $18 million in 2022, which will be taken from the budget surplus of the city

Property assessments surged over 13 percent last year, putting pressure on the city to provide more relief to homeowners

In early 2023, homeowners should get their relief, if the measure passes the Richmond City Council.

The rebate would be available to any and all Richmond resident homeowners who owed tax liabilities and qualified for it

Californians still owe their rebate checks. direct deposit recipients should get the second round of instant payments next week

By December 10, taxpayers who did not sign up for direct deposit will receive their golden state stimulus payment as a prepaid debit card.