Victor Wembanyama: The Next NBA Superstar?

The NBA world is talking about how impressive 7-foot-4 prospect Victor Wembanyama was in two exhibition games this week.

Nearly 200 NBA scouts were in Henderson, Nevada, this week to watch two exhibition games between his club team, Metropolitans 92, and the G-League Ignite. 

Wembanyama scored 37 points in the first game and 36 points in the second. In the first game, he blocked nine shots and made 7 of 11 3-point shots.

Bulls guard Derrick Rose, who was picked first overall by the Knicks in the 2008 draft, said Wembanyama's highlights are "amazing" and he has "the it factor."

RJ Barrett went one step further and said that Victor Wembanyama was like a cheat code for a video game.

Barrett said. "That's crazy, and then to see how he followed up [37 points] with [36 points] shows that he's very skilled. It's crazy."

When asked how he compares to 7-foot-3 former Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis at that age, Rose said, "Even KP moves differently." 

"Like, KD was the model for guys who were 6-10, but for a guy to be 7-4 or 7-5, he's like the new model for guys who are over 7-2," Rose said.

"Look at how he moves—he moves like he's a KD type of guy. You've never seen someone that big move so light. And skilled. And the way he plays the game. I never saw it before."