Up To $16 Per Hours Pay Rise Coming Soon In These States

As inflation continues elevated, the dollar's worth has fallen. Thus, salary increases could have a significant impact on Americans coping with rising costs.

There will be an increase in pay for thousands of people in the United States, up to $16 per hour.

This will apply to two regions that had ballot initiatives, allowing certain voters to approve them on election day.

Also known as ballot initiatives, this enables voters to enact laws without the permission of the governor or state legislatures.

Voter signatures are required to put a measure to a vote. These two cities raised wages after voters voted for them on that ballot.

Nebraskans supported Initiative Measure 433 with 59%. Most people supported raising the state's minimum wage from $9 to $10.50 in January.


Until 2026, compensation will grow by $1.50 per year. After $15, earnings will adjust annually for inflation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 958,260 people are working in Nebraska. Therefore, the new change could affect thousands.

Although not technically a state, the minimum wage for tipped workers in the District of Columbia will increase to $16.10 per hour.

District of Columbia

The adoption of Initiative 82 will progressively increase compensation to that level over the course of several years.

In January, the hourly wage of employees who get tips will increase from $5.35 to $6 per hour. In July, it will increase to $8, followed by annual $2 rises through 2027.