Up To $1,050 In The Mail To Millions Of Americans Now

Direct payments in the amount of up to $1,050 will be mailed out to MILLIONS of persons living in the United States.

On October 7, the aid started going to Californians all over the Golden State. People all over the country are getting payments of $200 to $1,050.

The first round of direct deposits will end on October 25, according to the state's Franchise Tax Board.

According to the FTB, the funds will be deposited into debit cards and sent between the 24th of October and the 14th of January.

In total, about 10 million debit cards will be given out. When they get their card, taxpayers must call 800-240-0223 to turn it on.

The Franchise Tax Board thinks that by the end of October, 90% of direct deposits will have been made.

And by the end of 2022, about 95% of payments, including direct deposits and debit cards, should be made. In total, the aid will help more than 20 million people.

People in California who have already gotten checks from Golden State Stimulus I or II will get the relief payment between October 7 and October 25.

If you didn't get a stimulus payment last year, the money should be in your bank account by November 14.