UBI Payment Status: What States Will Send Checks In October

As a result of the well-known cost-of-living crisis, many US states have started different programs that help people with their money.

There has been a gradual shift on the part of state governments toward complying with the demands for a guaranteed income.

In Birmingham, Alabama, there is a plan to help single women who are taking care of at least one child under the age of 18 and don't have a partner.

The city council of Phoenix, Arizona, recently approved a cash assistance program with a budget of 12 million dollars to assist families with low incomes.

In cities like Los Angeles, Compton, Long Beach, Marin County, Oakland, Santa Clara, San Diego, San Francisco, Sonoma County, and Stockton, there are plans coming into place

Denver, Colorado, has started a project called "basic income" with an initial budget of $5.5 million.

Similar schemes can also be found in Gainesville, in the state of Florida, and Atlanta, in the state of Georgia.

New Orleans and Shreveport, both in Louisiana, as well as Baltimore, Maryland, and Chelsea, Massachusetts, are on the list.

Both Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Jackson, Mississippi, have set up ways to help families who are having trouble.