Top 3 Most Expensive Motorcycles In Tom Cruise's Collection

Action actor Tom Cruise is on cloud nine. "Top Gun: Maverick" grossed $1.2 billion worldwide, making it Paramount's highest-grossing film.

 With a reported net worth of about $600 million, Tom Cruise has the means to pursue his need for speed.

He spent his money on automobiles, helicopters, planes, and motorcycles. Also, he bought most of his movie cars and bikes to add to his collection.

 The lineup includes wallet-busting exotic and vintage cars like a $1.9-million Bugatti Veyron, a $60,000 Ford Mustang Saleen, a $32,000 Chevy Chevelle SS etc

Tom Cruise owns a Curtiss Motorcycles Gen 2 Confederate Hellcat crotch rocket. Its 2,032 cc S&S V-twin engine produces 130 hp and 140 lb-ft.


The bike sports a vertical-stack five-speed manual transmission and is completely unique to its owner.

Tom Cruise owns one of the rarest production Ducati motorcycles, the Desmosedici RR, which debuted at World Ducati Week in Misano in 2007.


The Ducati Desmosedici RR is a MotoGP street combatant with a 998 cc V4 engine that produces 197 horsepower.

The Vyrus 987 C3 4V is without a doubt the most expensive motorcycle in Tom Cruise's collection. It's one of the most costly and uncommon motorcycles ever produced.


Vyrus' supercharged engine boosts power to 211 hp, making it one of the world's most powerful production motorbikes.