Top 10 NBA Trade Rumors So Far in 2022

Soon, the 2022–2023 season will begin, and there is a lot of suspense around the roasters of many teams that could win the championship because trades are about to happen. 

Kyrie Irving has been talked about for a long time, just like Kevin Durant, because his time with the Brooklyn Nets has not gone as planned.

Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets)


Russel Westbrook signed a huge contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, but his performance this season may cause him to reconsider.


Russel Westbrook (Los Angeles Lakers)

It's not clear yet how the move to the Jazz will turn out, but has shown that he's ready to put up some points.


Collin Sexton (Utah Jazz)

The Miami Heat could be interested in John Collins because he could help them improve their offence up front.


John Collins (Atlanta Hawks)

Bogdanovic may be a good choice for the Phoenix Suns. His recent games have been very good, and he could also fit in well with the team.


Bojan Bogdanovic (Utah Jazz)

Beverly has moved often and never settled down. But he did make a good point when he said he wants to play for a team that can win championships.


Patrick Beverly (Utah Jazz)

Kelly Olynyk, the Detroit Pistons' star, hasn't had many big games in the last season. The team has a lot of young talent, so they might not want Olynyk around.


Kelly Olynyk (Detroit Pistons)

At the moment, Gordon seems to have a stable future with the Houston Rockets, since they haven't shown any signs that they want to trade him.


Eric Gordon (Houston Rockets)

Jordan Clarkson could be a good fit for many teams based on his scoring statistics. The Jazz star averages 16 points per game.


Jordan Clarkson (Utah Jazz)

Turner has been traded rumoured all offseason. In past seasons, the Pacers star has been on and off the list, and he is said to have made peace with it.


Myles Turner (Indiana Pacers)