Tom Brady’s Shocking Vacation With Ex-girlfriend Revealed

Tom Brady's personal life has been under intense scrutiny in recent months, with allegations of marriage troubles between Brady and Giselle Bündchen.

And recent fresh disclosures concerning Brady's unusual leave of absence from the team are unlikely to put an end to the drama.

Brady left his wife to spend time away from the squad with his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan in the Hamptons to celebrate their son's birthday.

The quarterback celebrated Jack's 15th birthday in New York's billionaires' playground after spending most of his holiday in The Bahamas with Gisele - their first August family trip in 20 years.

Brady was observed practicing with the Buccaneers in Tampa on August 22 after leaving the team on August 11.

Brady shared a photo of Jack at Maidstone, one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the Hamptons, on August 21. Memberships cost $10,000 a year and include financiers and bankers.

Brady's travel to celebrate his son's birthday with his son's mother would not normally garner much attention.

However, considering Brady's ongoing marital problems and allegations that his time away from the Buccaneers was spent with Bündchen, the trip raised concerns.

While Brady has not gone into specifics regarding his absence from the team or his marriage, he has made it plain that he is dealing with a number of personal concerns.

Regardless, it appears that this year will be Brady's final season in the NFL, after worries about his body's durability and an ultimatum from his wife.