The Truth About UFOs More Alarming Than Just Aliens

The Pentagon and intelligence agencies have been stumped by the sightings for years, which has led to theories about possible space aliens with advanced technology.

But people who work for the government think that UFOs, which they call "unidentified aerial phenomena," can be explained in much more normal ways.

Intelligence agencies are going to update a report that was made public last year and send it to Congress on Monday.

Some of the problems have been blamed on Chinese spying in the past because American officials think China wants to find out more about how the US trains its military pilots.

Some of the findings have been shared with Congress, but most of the information about the UAPs is still secret.

Defense department spokeswoman Sue Gough said the Pentagon is committed to openness but must balance that with "its commitment to secure sensitive information, sources, and procedures."

"We're getting as much information as we can, following where the information leads, and sharing what we find whenever we can," she said.

It's not clear how much of the new intelligence report will be made public, but officials say that most UAP cases that have been solved involved balloons or spying.

In May, Pentagon officials testified under oath that the government didn't collect materials from any alien landing on Earth, but that didn't stop theories.