The KFC Twister Wraps Are Back After Eight Years 

Many customers were dissatisfied when KFC removed their wraps from the menu in 2014 because they had become so popular.

KFC is bringing back the wraps this week, so customers will no longer be upset about them being gone.

Today, you can get wraps with coleslaw and a chicken tender, macaroni-cheese and a chicken tender, or just a classic chicken wrap.

As part of KFC's pilot program for the meal, the Twister Wraps will only be sold in certain markets, which will make many customers upset.

At first, KFC will only try to bring back the beloved fried chicken favorite in a few locations around Atlanta.

They will now be sold under the name "Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps" and can be bought for the price of $3.

The return to the menu comes at a time when many people in the United States are looking for snack foods.

As quick-service restaurants try to stay ahead of the competition, many are adding new items to their menus in the hopes that the buzz will bring people in.

KFC is no outlier. It has already put out two new products this year: a new type of chicken nugget for snacking and a limited-edition plant-based chicken nugget.