Tax Rebate 2022: Americans Will Receive Direct Payments Up To $700

 Tax Rebate 2022 — Millions of Americans will receive a direct payment worth $700 just in a few days

The deadline for filing for one-time rebates of up to $700 for eligible Illinois residents is October 17.

To receive direct funds from the Illinois Family Relief Plan, Illinois citizens must meet certain conditions.

To check if you qualify, taxpayers must fill out an IL-1040 form, as the plan offers rebates on both income tax and property tax to those who qualify.

Checks began to arrive in accounts at the beginning of September, while others may have to wait up to eight weeks.

The state estimates that around six million people living in Illinois will be qualified to receive the rebates.

South Carolina taxpayers could get a $700 rebate before the end of the year after lawmakers approved $1 billion in payments.

To be eligible for the cash, South Carolinians must complete their 2021 state income tax return by October 17, however it is unclear how much each taxpayer would receive.

The rebates, worth up to $700, will be granted based on the filer's tax liability, which is the total amount owed to federal, state, and local governments.