Subway Removes Russell Wilson's Mocked 'dangerwich' Sandwich From Menu

Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos quarterback who is losing fans after a slow start to the season, is also losing his Subway "Dangerwich."

According to NBC Sports, the sandwich was removed from the menu shortly after social media users mocked Wilson's performance in the "Dangerwich" commercial.

Subway debuted the sandwich in February as part of its The Vault menu, which featured sandwiches designed by professional athletes.

Sandwiches by Marshawn Lynch, Tony Romo, Simone Biles, Trevor Lawrence, Tony Hawk, and, of course, Russell Wilson's signature "Dangerwich" were on the menu.

According to the source, the menu item has been mocked in recent weeks as people criticize Wilson's performance on and off the field.

No one could really comment on how the sandwich tastes, but they were not fans of Russ' performance.

Wilson is shown in the ad suggesting "Dangeruss" ways to eat the sandwich. At one point in the video, the quarterback eats the "Dangerwich" with a fork and knife.

Part of the ad shows Wilson eating blindfolded. The quarterback eats the sandwich upside down and left-handed, among other "Dangeruss" ways.

Subway hasn't said why it is taking the item off the menu. The company has also stopped making the "Sunshine Sub," which Trevor Lawrence, quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, liked.