Stimulus Update: When Are The Next Checks Arriving?

California is sending 2.1 million direct deposits to families, each of which is worth up to $1,050. These deposits were sent out on Friday, February 8.

Millions of dollars are put together by the state of California for a single payment of a stimulus check. This helps reduce the effects of inflation on the economy.

Even though California sent out the first deposits a week ago, some recipients are still asking why they haven't gotten their money yet.

According to the FTB, California sent 700,000 inflation relief deposits to all of its residents who wanted an electronic transaction instead of a check.

On November 14, 8 million eligible families will get $1,050 each. If you have any questions about your deposit, you can call 800-542-9332 to talk to the FTB.

On October 7 and 25, residents who were eligible and signed up for the Golden State Stimulus could get their money.

From October 28 to November 14, all taxpayers who used the FTB to file their information will get their deposits.

From October 25 to December 10, qualified residents who requested sent money will obtain prepaid debit cards. The FTB has established December as the deadline for late payments.

If you applied for stimulus money and the state approved it, but you didn't qualify for the Golden State Stimulus or a direct payment, you will get your money in January.