Spiritual Healing: Which Crystals Work Best For You?

The art of working with crystals taps into a level of spirituality that can manifest itself, resulting in a deeper connection and a sense of self-awareness.

Jennifer Rose Rossano is an expert on spirituality and crystals, when used correctly, can help people let go of things they can't change.

Jennifer Rose Rossano founded the website Neurotic Mommy, which emphasizes the importance of using crystals to channel negative energy.

How are crystals beneficial?

Rossano believes that healing from past traumas, anger, resentment, relationships, and other issues is important because it "begins within."

Each crystal helps you relax and get clear in a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming and lonely.

Crystals can help a person in more than one way as they go through changes or spiritual transformations.

Which crystals should you use?

The type of crystal to use depends on the goal or obstacle. By accepting that crystals can help, them to  deepen their spirituality and recognize their worth.

On her Mother Realm website, Rossano sells her crystals and recommends five crystals for beginners.

Each crystal's healing properties are specific, but can be interpreted in many ways. Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love.

The Hematite crystal will help the user feel more grounded, while the Amethyst "creates a shield of protection around you" and the Celestite helps you cut ties with people who no longer serve you.

One of Rossano's best-selling items is the Black Tourmaline crystal, which can be carried with the person and gets rid of negative energy.