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Sony Launches Lighter PS5 Model

The PlayStation 5 wasn't just one of the biggest game consoles ever made when it came out in 2020. The new models are about 13% lighter than the heavy consoles that came out with 2020.

It was also one of the heaviest, with the full-featured Disc Drive Edition coming in at 9.9 pounds (4.5 kg) and the Digital Edition coming in at 8.6 pounds (3.9 kg) (3.9 kg).

Today, however, the sharp-eyed reporters at Press Start noticed that a new set of PS5 models came out that weigh about 13% less than the ones that came out at launch.

The new PS5 models (CFI-1202A and B for the Disc and Digital versions, respectively) first showed up over the weekend on some Japanese retail sites, with a September 15 release date planned.

People who know a lot about how game console hardware is made might remember that this isn't the first time the PS5 hardware has been changed on the inside.

Later testing showed that last year's light-weight was caused by a smaller, redesigned heat sink that helped the console get rid of heat better.

It's not clear what makes the new models lighter, but reports from earlier this year suggest Sony is moving to a 6 nm CPU production process.

The new PS5 model just came out in Australia a few days after Sony raised the price of the PS5 by up to 13% in many countries outside of the US, including Australia.

Both versions of the PS5 have lost weight in less than two years. If trends continue, the PS5 Disc Drive Edition will weigh zero pounds on August 31, 2034, and the Digital Edition on March 20, 2035.