Social Security Update: Check Worth $1,682 To Be Sent Today

SSI recipients will get the second and last payment of September on the same day. The agency's payment program seems odd.

Eligible people will receive $841 on Friday and another payment at the beginning of the month, for a total of $1,682.

September is one of three months in 2022 that had two SSI payments. The other two were April and December.

Eligible couples receive $1,261 in September. On Sept. 30, essential people (They live with SSI recipients and provide care) will get $421.

There are no extra payments for the double checks.  Instead, they make up for months with no benefits so eligible people get 12 payments a year, according SSA.

This year, payments will not be made on the first day of January, May, or October because those days are holidays or weekends.

Since 1974, the SSI program has given money to people who qualify so that people with low incomes and few resources can get by financially.

Nexstar Media Wire says that at the rate things are going, Social Security won't be able to pay out in full by the year 2035.

Analysts say that rising inflation rates will likely cause Social Security payments to go up next year.

But some people may end up making less money because their taxes could go up because their payments went up.