Scoot Henderson on 2023 NBA draft: 'I'm one of none'

Even though the 2023 NBA draught is nine months away, everyone is talking about two 18-year-olds who could be the top two picks.

NBA teams tank for a 14% chance of getting 7-foot-3-inch French star Victor Wembanyama or 6-foot-3-inch point guard Scoot Henderson.

Wembanyama is the clear favourite to go No. 1, but Henderson may have created some doubt in NBA scouts' minds.

Both players were amazing, but Wembanyama really got going in the second half and finished with 37 points, five blocks, and 32 minutes on the court.

Henderson added 28 points and nine assists. He found ways to finish around Wembanyama and even made a 3-pointer with Wembanyama's 8-foot wingspan in his face.

It was a real duel, and both teams worked hard. In the end, we did what we needed to do and won." Henderson told

Henderson is sure that he is different from Wembanyama and that he is the best player in this draft class.

Henderson said, "I'm one of none. Very few people are like me. It's just the dog in me and my desire to win."

The 2nd round of Wembanyama vs. Henderson is on Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. Basketball fans all over the world are seeing two players for the first look who will become famous.